Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Note from Aaron!

Dear Friends,
Thanks for your prayers and continuing to partner with us for even greater harvests in Latin America.

This year has probably been the year where I've travelled more than ever before,,, Bogota, Colombia, Mexico city, various times in the US...States, Dallas, in Mexico, Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, Calif...even got to have a powerful prayer time at the Azuza street house where Revivalist William Seymour and the Azuza revival happened 100 hundred years ago,,,

I just returned back from Mexico city this Monday after ministering in our churches there, and just a quick footnote, another pastor is joining us (pastor Alejandro) and he has another 6,7 churches,,, so we just jumped to like close to 25,26 churches in Latin America...

You know, together with some Holy Spirit synergism, and partnering we can sure do a lot more than by ourselves, and this is why Carrie and I again want to thank you for your prayers and support. The fruit is multiplying in front of our eyes. My hearts desire is to not lose the valuable friendship and contact with you... my challenge is as you know, since 99% of the time I am travelling and ministering in Latin America, my times in the USA, the states seems at this moment a little limited, and there is this famous saying, OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND,,, So I humbly ask for your help to under gird this in anyway you see possible... Believe me, I'm not like many missionaries who spend most of there time in the USA and get to constantly visit there supporters and friends in there mobile travelling homes, and just spend 8, 9 months or more visiting churches, and supporters. NO, this just isn't me, I admit it as a certain weakness, our support has suffered, but may I be very upfront with you,,, THE TRUTH IS BECAUSE WE ARE CONSTANTLY MINISTERING HERE IN MEXICO, LATIN America, IN CHURCHES, HISPANIC CHURCHES, VILLAGES, IN OUR CHURCHES HERE IN LATIN AMERICA... YES MY FLAW IS I HARDLY COME TO THE USA,, I NEED TO MAKE TIME,, BUT MY PASSION TO TOUCH LATIN America SEEMS ONLY TO GROW AND THE HOLY ZEAL TO REACH THE LOST HERE CONSUMES ME,,, PLEASE PRAY FOR ME,,, I WISH I COULD VISIT YOU ALL ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS,,, BUT SOME OF YOU ITS BEEN AGES I KNOW. GET THIS, MY MOTHER AND I HADN'T EVEN SEEN EACH OTHER FOR OVER A YEAR, SO WE FINALLY WERE ABLE TO BE TOGETHER IN A HISPANIC CONFERENCE I PARTICIPATED WITH IN DALLAS, TEXAS. NOW SHE´S OFF AGAIN TO AFRICA SO IT WILL BE AWHILE UNTIL WE CAN SEE HER AGAIN. I HOPE YOU CAN HEAR MY HEART IN THIS.


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