Friday, April 4, 2008

New update from Aaron!

Dear Friends,

Just wanted to give you all a quick update on the many testimonies of all we have been seeing this last month.

We have seen over 80 people saved in our meetings, and so many healings. One lady who was deaf for 32 years in one ear was instantly healed. Another sister had a serious back injury was healed as the Holy Spirit just came on her and she said she felt this heat going up and down her back. Glory!

I was ministering in Mansanillo which is a beach area 3 hours from here, and then in Mexico City in our newest church with pastor Danilo and Tere Ovando.

They usually run around 20 on Sundays, but the weekend we ministered with them, they had 70 on Sunday. That's 3 times what they usually have.

There was such a powerful manifestation of Gods presence, and so many had testimonies of healing's, of being changed by His wonderful presence.

One lady at Danilos church came, her name is Isabel, and she had told the pastors, don't even try to change me, I am Catholic for life and don't have any plans to change... but in the very first meeting, the Holy Spirit literally fell on people during the message and she fell out on the floor, and was weeping and sobbing.

I could see the Holy Spirit touching her powerfully, and guess what? When she finally got up (oh she had never been slain in the Spirit), she said, okay I'm ready to become a christian now!!!!

Then we have a new pastor who wants to join our group of churches in Mexico. His name is pastor Moses and we will be going to minister with him this next Sunday evening. We are taking a large group from our church here in Guadalajara,,, and I'm excited about it.

If the Lord confirms this new relationship with Moses that would make a total of 6 churches in Mexico. We have many others in Costa Rica and Ecuador.

Carrie and I want to so thank you all for your prayers and valuable support as we go all out to win souls, disciple them and raise up a new generation of leaders on fire for God and full of faith and the Holy Spirit. You all are a vital part of lives being changed, like that of Isabel, and churches being raised up in the nations, like that of Danilo & Tere Ovando.
Abundant Blessings,
Aaron & Carrie