Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Quick Update!

Dear Friends,
Just a quick victory report! We just had our annual fresh oil conference in Mexico City! We had our 3 churches come together and my pastor Michael Jacobs from New Albany, Indiana came and we had our socks blessed off. The messages and anointing was off the charts and many were healed, and touched powerfully. I had the privilege of again translating each message for pastor Jacobs!
For me personally it was also very encouraging to see how our churches are growing spiritually and even numerically. It was also powerful since our newest pastor from Mexico city, Danilo & Tere Ovando came and attended with many of his new members. Now we are 3 churches in this massive city of over 25 million. We could have 100 churches there its so large,,, no, we could have 1000 churches there,,, come on somebody!
I'm believing for many more there in that city of great opportunities!

We are believing God for great things this year in Guadalajara!

Carrie and I want to again thank you for your prayers, friendship and support! May the precious Supply of the Holy Spirit be so abundant and excessive, way beyond any need you have presently facing you either personally or in your ministry.

Consumed with HIs Call!
Aaron & Carrie Kolb

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