Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Trip to Ecuador!!!

Dear Friends,
Ecuador was tremendous! We had 13 deaf people healed, tumors disappear, many healed by the power of God. We spoke 22 times in one week, so it was loaded! Thank you for your prayers and support.

We ministered in Quito from Wednesday to Wednesday, preaching in Ecuadorian churches and with our dear Quichua Brethren in Otavalo, and also with our Gypsy Church. What a powerful time it was, as the Holy Spirit ministered to everyone.

On the return trip, what a day I had, it started as I got to the Quito Airport at 4:30am, and the flight was for 6:30am, but we had a 7 hr lay over....then that caused me to miss the flight in Houston. But then the continental person told me since I had missed the flight they were putting me up in the Marriott there at the airport. He handed me the papers to check into the hotel. So, I took the tram to the hotel, got my key, and bought a few extras since my suitcase was shipped on ahead. But then I saw my boarding pass for the next day and it was for 9:30pm, and I thought, why so late? So I decided to go back to continental to see if they could put me on an earlier flight....when I got there and explained, she looked at the boarding pass and said, Sir this is for tonight, not tomorrow. So, i told her what had happened. She couldn't believe it, and there was no time to go back to the Marriott, so I went on the gate and again found a continental desk and told them what had happened, so they gave me a $50 voucher for my next flight on continental and I just left with them my key for Marriott. So, off I went to Guadalajara, and then arriving at 11:00pm (now that's getting up at 3:30am, and now getting to Guadalajara at 11pm) guess what, no suitcase, so praise the Lord! But next day it finally showed up. What a day,,, but as Carrie said to me.... the plane landed, that's the most important, and of course iIagreed.

Just another adventure on our list! But the trip was well worth any of that...

Love you all, we are preparing this weekend for our 14 year anniversary here at the church in Guadalajara....we are excited as several of our pastors and major leaders are coming in from various cities in Mexico and even from other nations. I know the Holy Spirit is going to greatly touch and minister to all of this weekend.

Thanks for your prayers and faithful support to Carrie and I. We give Jesus all the glory for our first 30 years on the mission field. I wish i had another 70, but as long as the Lord allows us, we will continue to lift up his glorious name, and continue to preach this gospel in every nation the Holy Spirit leads us into. We will continue to train nationals, raise up new churches, win the lost, heal the sick, do crusades and conferences around the globe. We will continue to hunger more than ever for the Holy Spirits presence and power to shake all Latin America!

Some of you reading this are supporters, and for that we are so grateful, and some are our friends for a long time. May I ask you our friends to prayerfully consider supporting Carrie and I this coming new year 2008! I promise you, sowing into an uncommon soil will release an uncommon harvest for your ministries, businesses, and yes, for your personal lives! We have received so many testimonies of those who started sowing into the harvest fields where we are ministering, and being a partner in touching Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Cuba, and other nations. May the God of Glory continue to pour out the former and the latter, double portion on your lives!

Consumed with His Call!

Aaron & Carrie Kolb
Ambassadors to the Nations