Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mission Trip!

Dear Friends,
We just returned last nite from our amazing trip to Bogota, Colombia.

This was my 5th time to participate with Pastors Ricardor & Patricia Rodriguez in their annual revival conference. But I have to say this year was the best. The wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit came so powerfully and touching all of us.

It seemed we spent a lot of time on the floor, receiving, being touched, ministered to, and was so powerful. The pastors Rodriguez were so used by God in the conference... Colombia and Latin America is being tremendously impacted by their ministry.

I translated 7 times, for the Pastors, and also pastor Claudio Freidzon was present as one of the speakers, and He was greatly used by God.

Thousands of pastors and church leaders came from around the globe to be touched and blessed by the anointing, and they weren´t disappointed... The Lord did again that verse (Eph.3:20) God is powerful and is able to do super abundantly above and beyond all we ask or think according to the power which worketh in us,,,

I'm back home now and still soaking in the wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit.

Carrie and I again thank you so much for your prayers and for those who support us financially throughout these many years.

Missionaries are definitely a special breed, and maybe even I could dare say, there are a special breed of missionaries within the missionaries.

I thank God for those who come and have done one or various times short term missions trips. These are so valuable, and they must continue.

I thank God so much for those who came to the mission field for 1 year, 2,3,4,5 ,,, and the seeds they sowed.

But I must say it has been 100% the supernatural grace of God that has sustained us, used us, taken us, lifted us to see powerful things these last 33 years of ministry here in Latin America.

It definitely does something to me when i think we have lived more years on the mission field than our own country of origin.

I´m not trying to glorify the Kolbs, but the Lord God almighty who called us in the 70´s, and from 1977 until now we have endeavoured to be faithful to that high calling.

Carrie and I after two weeks of marriage, I brought here to the largest city of the world, or one of the largest, Mexico City, and there for 9 years we saw the faithfulness of God in the church that we had the privilege of being a part of starting and raising up. We grew from 30 to 3000 and what a tremendous adventure of faith that was.

Then it was off to Quito Ecuador for 4 years. We started a new anointed bible school, and touched thousands of lives, and now after having returned some 12 times in the last 3, 4 years, I can tell you the fruit of those years we sowed in Ecuador brings us to tears and we give God all the glory. New churches, pastors, leaders, ministries have been raised up,,, and are touching the multitudes.

Then in 1989 we moved to Guadalajara, where we have been for the last 20 years. What has happened in 20 years? I think it would take a while to try to write here all the things we have experienced and lived in 20 years.

But I can testify that we were faithful to his calling to start a bible school here in the city, and which I had the privilege of leading for 3 years, and which continued touching many students for another 7 years. After our 3 years with the bible school, Carrie and I launched out into the deep waters as the Lord revealed to us that we were to start a church here.

So we obeyed again, and started the church which we now pastor, New Creation! From this church the Lord has graced us to help start many other churches, and the ones who have joined with us are another 20 churches.

To see my children raised in Missions, serving God with all there hearts,,, thank you Jesus, there are not words to express how thankful we are for this blessing. It hit me strong this Sunday as I along with my oldest and youngest sons were in Colombia, Bogota,,, ministering, and Jeremy who is my 2nd son, he was here in Guadalajara ministering on Sunday morning. Wow,,, I am so grateful to Jesus for all He has and is doing in our lives, in our Sons, and their families.

We love you all,

Aaron & Carrie Kolb