Sunday, May 3, 2009

Up Date From Aaron

Dear Friends,
Well, praise God we´re right in the middle of this thing here in Mexico...thank you for your prayers of faith on our behalf. We know that the Blood line is over us and the devil can't touch us in Jesus name,but we do appreciate your prayers over us...everything is closed down, businesses, churches, restaurants, and so we are seeing how to handle this tomorrow.

We know that times like this of great crisis are also times where people start opening up more to spiritual things, to God, and so we are believing that this will shake people out of that religious comfort zone and make people start seeking God for answers....

Thank you for standing with us and for your support and prayers that avail much in God, we love you.

Carrie and I just got back yesterday from the Las Vegas Revival meetings this last Tuesday and Wednesday with the pastors from Bogota Colombia, and it was powerful and many pastors and people there were touched by the Holy Spirits presence and power.

Supernatural Grace,
Aaron & Carrie

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