Friday, May 30, 2008

Letter from Aaron

Dear Friends,
Just wanted to tell you all how much we love you all and appreciate all you´re doing to help us here in Mexico, and the rivers of Revival flowing in this place and in our lives.

We just baptized I guess almost 20 new believers on Sunday, and the Holy Spirit was falling on them as I would bring them out of the water and we would have to drag them out,, wow,,,

we have been seeing so many miracles, signs and healings,,, one lady deaf 30 years in one ear, another was deaf 34 years n one ear, another was deaf for 40 years, wow,,,,was healed, another of her feet terrible pains, and was healed, and on and on,,, so many testimonies,,, glory to God,,

thank you guys so much for praying for us and sowing into the Mexico harvest,,,

I have been invited again to interpret in the massive Colombian revival crusade again this year, (June 27-29)praise God!

Pastor Ricardo and Patricia have somewhere over 30,000 members, and they are expecting some 20,000 in the day meetings, and then over 80,000 in the open air night meetings,,, glory to God,,, pray that the Holy Spirit will give me supernatural grace to interpret from Spanish to English, as they send the signal live on Internet, and on TV all around the world,,, glory

The Holy Spirit has impressed strongly in my heart that He has something special for me too this year, so I am very excited about going and being a part of the Colombian revival that is spreading all across Latin America,,,

May a fresh anointing for miracles and healing fall on you all, please come and see us here,,,

My mom is coming this Saturday night, by faith I invited her to come, and her ticket is $400, which was a miracle in itself, (anybody who´d like to help me with this, wow, that would be awesome...) and I'm excited to have her come here before she takes off for Africa again,,, Ya, she is getting ready for her 10th trip to Africa, man that makes me want to go too,,,she will be ministering in different places here with us.

Supernatural Rivers,
Aaron and Carrie

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